Halle Bailey Responds to Breast Implant Speculation

Halle Bailey Responds to Breast Implant Speculation

Halle Bailey is shutting down the plastic surgery speculation.

Earlier this week, a rumor about the Chloe x Halle singer having breast implants surfaced online, which Halle ended up addressing in a recent tweet.

"lmaooo not y'all thinking i got boob implants whattt," she wrote, alongside some crying and laughing emojis. "no ma'am. God gave me these."

Halle then went on to also reference past rumors about her older sister and bandmate, Chloe Bailey, getting her "body done" after posting a video of herself in a curve-hugging catsuit, per the Daily Mail. And just like Halle, Chloe denied the accusation by replying, "Oh man I wish I did then I wouldn’t have to workout and diet so hard."

Granted, the sisters have always been open to talking about their bodies, whether it pertains to their insecurities or what they love about themselves. Case and point? An Instagram Live from May 2019, in which they complimented each other's curves and talked about how they've grown to embrace their bodies — stretch marks and all.

"I used to put all of these different oils and concoctions on my skin thinking and praying and hoping it would fix it," Chloe said about her tiger stripes, though she added "nothing worked at all."

However, Halle chimed in by telling her sister that "stretch marks are beautiful" and a "sign that you're getting cake."

"This one here, she has an amazing, amazing butt," Halle continued. "I know y'all see it too. She has an amazing butt. Stretch marks add to that beauty. I don't have a butt, I'm very small. It's like a grape."

That said, Chloe previously disagreed with Halle's self-assessment, as she told Taraji P. Henson back in December that "Halle has a very cute butt, and Halle has bigger [breasts] than me."

"You know what God did? He balanced us out," she said. "'I'm gonna give you this, and I'm gonna give you that.' Thank you God."

See Halle's tweet for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Taylor Hill / FilmMagic