Hair-oscope: How to Style Your Tresses According to Your Sign

Hair-oscope: How to Style Your Tresses According to Your Sign

Summer is here, and that means it's time to let your hair down. Paul Labrecque Salon hair stylist Lumi Pelinku has been a professional astrologer for the better part of a decade, and knows exactly what styles best suit your sign. Read your June hair-oscope, below.


Aries femme: As a spirited, energetic and bold ram you are the least shy in experimenting with different looks. To best support your ambitious on-the-go lifestyle, you can easily sport a sleek ponytail with a textured finish this summer. This style is fierce and rocker chic, very much like your fiery personality that you carry off so well.

Aries masc: As an Aries, you were likely born with confidence and a strong sense of adventure. Your lifestyle requires the least amount of maintenance compared to other zodiac signs when it pertains to your appearance. An effortless haircut such as a military style would best complement you this summer. This haircut is quick and easy to suit your busy lifestyle.


Taurus femme: Taurus gals, you exude such a natural, earthy and easy-going personality, your outlook on life often mirrors your daily regimen. A nice hairstyle you can try out this summer would be one that's diffused. This type of look will accentuate your natural hair texture and showcase your feminine features.

Taurus masc: As the renaissance man of the zodiac, you appreciate the present moment more than anyone. Oftentimes you wish to sport your naturally wavy tresses on the longer side, however, as a neat summer look I suggest trying out a medium-length haircut with a taper fade. This will accentuate your natural texture while keeping you cooler during intense summer heat.


Gemini femme: Geminis, you are known for fun, flirty and creative attributes, and your stylish outlook definitely reflects in your personality. For a go to summer look that you can switch easily on a whim, try Dutch braid pigtails. The best part in selecting this style is that you can wrap the braids around your head to create a fancy Dutch crown braid for those days when you feel like indulging your artistic side.

Gemini masc: As the intellectual and creative genius of the zodiac, you would never shy away from trying trendy looks or colors. For summer, try a tapered, textured haircut to complement your creative spontaneity. You can always add in some highlights, too!


Cancer femme: Sensitive and caring in nature, you embody the ultimate nurturer in the zodiac. You will make sure that your loved ones are cared for by your own hands. Through your feminine nature, a simple summer look that would go best with your loving and humble personality is an easy but chic, loose textured side braid.

Cancer masc: Known to be nostalgic, you really have a love of caring for others' wellbeing. As a Cancer you would very much like to sport your hair in a way that reminds you of your youth. A fun go to summer look for you is a classic scissor cut with a side part. Also known as a "beach bum." Be sure to use a soft cream product to also protect those beautiful tresses!


Leo femme: As the dynamic and show-stopping lioness, you will stop at nothing to ensure everyone is having a great time! You wear your hair wild and free frequently but this summer try a high ponytail with voluminous waves. This style will keep you cool while highlighting the regality you exude year round.

Leo masc: On a day-to-day basis, you present yourself to others through much confidence and zest. Like the lionesses, you also wish to wear your hair very polished and with some volume. For your summer look, try a pompadour with a drop fade. By sporting a drop fade, your haircut will emphasize your voluminous tresses but also bring out your majestic nature.


Virgo femme: As an intellectual and charming dame, you very much enjoy being productive, organized and reliable. Hairstyles that are intricate and sleek are most appealing to your needs and lifestyle. This season, try a high ballerina bun!

Virgo masc: As some of the wittiest and most attentive men in the zodiac, you require perfection in your daily life. For a personalized summer look, opt for a Classic Taper. This haircut is composed of simple and clean lines, very much like your personality. The key to keeping this look polished and seamless throughout summer is by using light and flexible products that will enable you to freely comb your hair without worrying about any buildup.


Libra femme: As a natural charmer, you strive to seek peace and balance within yourself. This summer calls you to consider a 70's twist when it comes to your hairstyle. With your peace-loving persona, like the hippie movement, try a half-up half-down hairstyle and decorate the look with a crown braid. You'll feel sensuous and stylish.

Libra masc: As a Venusian man, you add a very classy and chivalrous touch in all your ambitions and activities. The go to style to try this summer is a side part with a mid-fade cut. The mid-fade will keep you cool during the summer months, and the side part style adds an old Hollywood finish to play up your charming personality.


Scorpio femme: As the most introspective and mysterious of all the astrological signs, you have an appreciation of a knack for embracing the unknown. On a day-to-day basis, you may resort in trying hairstyles that reflect your deep personality, such as fringe styles. For this summer, dare to try a hairstyle that will accentuate your soulful eyes like a bun with curtain bangs.

Scorpio masc: Thoughtful and contemplative in nature, you have the need to take on the world with the great strength and perseverance you possess. A short-textured haircut with a high fade will serve you well this summer. This style will showcase your signature, smoldering direct eye contact that your sign is well-known for.


Sagittarius femme: Through confidence and contagious optimism, you have a flair for life and a love of exploring what's new. This summer will present a fun opportunity to flaunt your bohemian side. Try a half-up-half down hairstyle, and add a head wrap to give you some color and texture — show off your adventurous side!

Sagittarius masc: Through enthusiasm and your carefree attitude, archers are typically pretty happy and constantly achieving things that make them feel this way. With much zest and wanderlust for life, it's likely you may not wish to fuss with your hair for long periods of time. For these warmer months, style your hair in a short-textured quiff haircut. This style will give you free reign to experiment with your natural texture without requiring much product.


Capricorn femme: As a Capricorn, you exude so much strength and charisma. These traits really help you go after and achieve your goals. With your busy lifestyle, aim for simple styles so you can to keep up with your great ambition. A braided bun would be a fun look to try this summer, after all, it only requires a few minutes to create and is quite chic.

Capricorn masc: Through your many classic and practical approaches to life, you will never stop on your path to achieving the pinnacle of success. Since you have a very ambitious lifestyle, you need a haircut that requires little to no maintenance. A medium length classic men's haircut will seamlessly transition you into this beautiful season. It is short enough to keep you cool, and yet long enough to just require a minimal trim in between actual haircuts.


Aquarius femme: Futuristic and unconventional, you have a unique way of experiencing and sharing ideas that are outside of the norm. You have an eye to spot future trends ahead of the curve, and you will likely try many hairstyles and wear them well. Why not keep it simple this summer and try a rocker chic ponytail braid — braids along the sides of your head, then tied in a ponytail. As always, dare to be different!

Aquarius masc: As the inventor and humanitarian of the zodiac, you have a talent to connect to almost anyone. Show off an innovative haircut that specifically speaks to and satisfies your unique tastes. For your summer look, a long and textured men's haircut will do you justice. Consult with your hairdresser to incorporate a texturizing element to your style. This will give you lightened yet "piecey" trendy texture.


Pisces femme: Imaginative and ethereal, you must have peace and harmony in your environment and with those most close to you in life. You can easily daydream, and this ability to be creative reflects in your choice of style. Mermaid waves will look great on you this season. Let loose, embrace your natural texture and go for those sea salt sprays!

Pisces masc: As the real chameleon of the zodiac, you are known to have compassion and empathy for all. Your choices in styles are extremely versatile, and you always present yourself in an artistic way wherever you go. For your summer look, enhance your natural and wavy texture by sporting a medium length haircut. This style will give you the choice to quickly switch your looks based on your mood.

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