HAIM Talks Designing Their New Studio, 'Hacks' and Plant-Based Eggplant Parm

HAIM Talks Designing Their New Studio, 'Hacks' and Plant-Based Eggplant Parm

by Evan Ross Katz

I have to admit, I haven't been the same since HAIM, the mega-successful pop-rock trio, stepped out at the 2021 Grammys in head-to-toe custom lavender Prada looks. They looked like citizens of a not-yet-discovered-planet that I want to be a part of. It reminded me of those early Tina Knowles-designed Destiny's Child red carpet looks that brought that certain type of je-ne-sais-quoi you hunger for on a red carpet from a group that feels both whole and the sum of its parts all the same.

They did it again, shortly thereafter, giving elevated business women specials wearing The Row for the 2021 Brits. The sisters (Alana, 29, Danielle, 32 and Este, 35) ended up picking up the Brit for International Group that night. In both of these instances, they asserted their prowess stretched far beyond the musical but to the overall aesthetic. Of course, anyone following them since 2013's Days Are Gone shouldn't be surprised by any of this.

Red carpets they are used to, albums too and even awards too, but one thing totally new for the trio is design. It makes sense that the ladies would want to join forces with Etsy to transform their unfurnished California studio into an inspiring space where they can work on future ventures. Setting the mood are cork planters, mustard pillow covers as well as contemporary glassware, giving emanating a vibe that's both laid-back and bold.

"We wanted to surround ourselves with pieces that had a history and therefore had a story, hopefully these pieces will help us conjure some creativity," they they say of their selects, all of which have been assembled into a shoppable section of Etsy's site. "We're not afraid to mix eras, I think if anything that's what we love in design. We're hoping to be able to use this space to write and demo the songs for our next recordings." Recordings plural. We love to hear it!

Below, the group shares some behind-the-scenes of how their new studio space came together, plus what they're eating, binging and more.

You shared my Hacks meme several weeks ago (thanks for the tag). Outside of Hacks, what all have you been watching?

Danielle: Yes, we're such big fans of yours! And Hacks! we're obsessed with The White Lotus and now super curious about Nine Perfect Strangers. We've only watched the first three episodes, but are living for Nicole Kidman.

I'm not all the way convinced on it, but love me some Nicky Kid. What inspired you to want to zhuzh the studio?

Este: We needed a safe place for us to be creative that wasn't just a box without windows, which is where we made the majority of our last two records. We wanted to create a space that was inspiring and a good place to throw the spaghetti against the wall.

How would you each describe your approach to design?

Alana: Collectively? Chaotic.

Make sense. I imagine you all have your own unique visions for how you wanted the space to look, so how do you coalesce those together to land on something more singular?

Alana: We all wanted to collect tchotchkes and trinkets that had a story, and trusted that it would just all fall into place somehow. And I think it did...?

What has been the most rewarding part of this collab with Etsy?

Danielle: Supporting artists and small businesses.

What's your single favorite piece or design aspect that you chose?

Este: We love the Guzzini lamps from Italy .

I do too. I know you three are avid fashion collectors, including picking up Spice Girls merch at their reunion tour (the taste!). What's the most important item of clothing you own and what's the story as to why it holds such meaning?

Danielle: I have a vest that my mom has had since she was 15. It's falling apart, but she gave it to me when I was going through my Diane Keaton stage when I was in 8th grade.

Wait, tell me more about that.

Danielle: I wore a tie and all. [Laughs] I still have it and wear it.

I read an old interview where you cite Best In Show as your favorite movie. (Again, the taste!) I'm curious for you all: What makes you all laugh?

Este: Anything Christopher Guest, honestly. And Albert Brooks movies. And healthy dose of Drag Race!

What are your favorite things to cook? What are your favorite things to eat? (Not always the same!)

Alana: True! we love a good roasted chicken! to eat and cook. Este makes a killer plant-based eggplant parm, that I like. We all collectively love a spicy rigatoni to eat.

Inspired by your last album title, who are some women in music that you're keen to maybe collab with one day?

Este: it would be amazing to collaborate with Kate Bush one day, a girl can dream!

Number one thing you look forward to doing in your new studio?

Danielle: Making more music, so we go on tour for twice as long.

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Photos courtesy of HAIM/ Etsy