Gwen Stefani Is Back With 'Slow Clap'

Gwen Stefani Is Back With 'Slow Clap'

Gwen Stefani is here to take over 2021 with a warm, new taste of pop for the post-pandemic summer. She's released a new single, "Slow Clap," that'll get you ready for square-dancing near bales of hay. (Howdy, Blake!)

Speaking about the song with Zane Lowe of Apple Music, Stefani explained its meaning. "It's kind of this place of, you always go through different phases in your life where you question yourself and you question like, 'What am I supposed to be doing? Who am I/ Do I mean anything? Why am I?" she said, before revealing that it was made during quarantine.

Stefani continued, detailing how it came about after a meeting with her label, Interscope Records. "I was in Oklahoma at the ranch, and walked into a little cabin that we live in there and opened my computer to [songwriters] Ross and Luke and I wanted to write this sad love song," she said. "And he was like, 'No, you don't need to go back and talk about that anymore. Nobody wants to hear about that anymore.'"

Her songwriters then brought her the idea of "Slow Clap," which has to do with getting "clapped back to life." Stefani said, "It's also about wanting to just, even though I know I've had my 15 minutes of my time, wanting to kind of double dip and just get a little bit more, why not? If they're going to let me, I'm going to take it."

Stefani also revealed that she is working towards an album, but she's not ready to reveal the specifics for it yet — outside of already having a title for it and the artwork ready. Her last LP was 2017's You Make It Feel Like Christmas.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Nelson