Gucci Mane's Twitter is an Absolute Treasure Trove of Lifestyle Advice

Gucci Mane's Twitter is an Absolute Treasure Trove of Lifestyle Advice

Gucci Mane, the OG who arguably birthed Atlanta's hip-hop renaissance, is having a real time of it right now. After being released from prison last year, Guwop has gone from strength to strength, getting engaged, putting out a stellar album, covering fashion magazines and even publishing a memoir. This is all well and fine, but there's one major project Gucci has had little to no recognition for: his Twitter.

Amidst the slew of hip-hop mag and Bri-from-Indiana retweets are Gucci's various gems of wisdom, popping up right when you least expect it. If Gucci were to give up his illustrious rap career, he would have a real future as a lifestyle Guru. Guwoop™, if you will, could have a real future. In fact, Gucci has advice for almost every situation this mad, mad world could throw at you, let's review.

The key to self-love is self-affirmation:

When a job interviewer says "tell me a little about yourself":

When you run out of special skills, this is a surefire banger to maximize your intrigue:

The second commandment, and the first:

Always, always wear your chains to bed:

We would all do well to follow Gucci's lead in matters of facial expression:

#Focus! #Execute!

Don't ever be stale:

Give yourself credit where credit is due:

Hustle until you have no more hustle left, then hustle some more!

Finally, know your worth:

Gucci my sweet, sweet angel of music – never change.

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