Grindr Has Created 'Gaymojis' For Everything You Can't Express With Words

Grindr Has Created 'Gaymojis' For Everything You Can't Express With Words

In these dark times, we could always use a little glitz and glam and Grindr, of course, is here to grant all our wishes. Picking up on how users predominantly converse using emojis, Grindr have blessed us with a whole new range and it's basically everything we were missing.

The six 'Gaymoji' categories include mood, profile, body, dating + sex, objects and holiday – a whole new dream arsenal of images to utilize when attempting score in the DMs. Grindr creative director Landis Smithers (Smithers!) said while reflecting queer culture on your keyboard was only a matter of time considering the app's 3 million users worldwide, everyone should inject a little Gaymoji into their digital interactions.

"Our users already use emojis as shorthand," said Grindr Creative Director Landis Smithers, "We wanted to have some fun and create a new language for everyone, not only Grindr users, to enjoy."

Grindr users will already have access to Gaymojis for free, which include a buff dude in a gag and handcuffs, a squirting hot dog, crying paegent queens and, of course, the emoji representation of a booty call. What a dream.

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For non-Grindr users, you can get your mitts on 100 gaymojis for nothing but any add-ons will set you back a cool $3.99. Let's face it, though, what could be a more worthy investment?