X Æ A-12 Is Already the Most Memed Baby Ever

X Æ A-12 Is Already the Most Memed Baby Ever

Grimes and Elon Musk are a celebrity couple so committed to trolling that the latter's company routinely suffers massive revenue hits because of it. The canvas for their latest bit? Their newborn son.

Claire Boucher gave birth to a baby boy last night (her first: Musk has five children from his previous marriage). After confirming that Grimes and the baby were "all good" Musk revealed to a random Twitter commenter that the baby boy's is X Æ A-12 Musk. Whether it's a joke or not (and it's entirely possible that it's not), the internet has taken the bait.

It only took a few hours for Twitter to illustrate the entire arc of the child's life in gifs. Is it a little off-color? Yes. Did this baby choose to be born into this mess? No. Is the content good? Yes.

The only debate unsettled is if X Æ A-12 a cyborg, an alien, a computer program, or a combination of all three. Besides that, Twitter has it all figured out, starting with how the baby was named.

What the birth was like:

How X Æ A-12's infancy will go:

His traumatic middle school years:

His rebellious teen phase:

All the way up to college. By the way, fellow new mom Chloë Sevigny also gave birth to a son this week.

Oh yeah, and the crossover Parasite content is golden.

In all seriousness, congrats to the parents and little X Æ A-12! May his childhood be peaceful and offline, and may the next Grimes album slap.

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