'Green Saturday' is Here

'Green Saturday' is Here

Today is a good day for recreational cannabis consumers in California. People are calling this Saturday "Green Saturday" — a play on the great deals shoppers get on Black Saturday sales — because as the state tightens its regulations for dispensaries and the quality of weed they sell, dealers are trying to get rid of their current supply that doesn't meet state standards.

This comes six months after California officially legalized the non-medical use of the drug. Reuters reports that the "government-approved pot" has to be "tested for pesticides, potency and microbiological contaminants." Rules on packaging the goods have also been discussed, and all supplies will be sealed in kid-proof packaging, marked with the date of harvest and, just like any other drug or consumable product, a "best used by" label.

The new rules of California weed take effect on Sunday, so stoners in the state can expect massive sales everywhere from Tijuana to Sacramento.

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