Greedilous Debuts First AI-Designed Collection at NYFW

Greedilous Debuts First AI-Designed Collection at NYFW

These are definitely exciting times for fashion. With today's creative minds working with today's technology, the possibilities are endless. And this spring's New York Fashion Week, Greedilous took a step into the future by bringing the metaverse to the runway.

The label's lead creative mind Younhee Park constantly finds ways to push the boundaries of fashion. So it was only natural when Korean tech company LG reached out for a collab proposal with their AI artist Tilda, she said yes. She "spoke" with Tilda, who is the latest iteration of LG AI Research. She specializes in illustration, collage, and pattern design, and can create brand-new images.

For this collaboration, Tilda was able to grasp the meaning of the two words “flower” and “Venus." From there, she used her imagination to combine the two concepts and to create hundreds of entirely new images using EXAONE (LG’s latest multi-modal super-giant AI model) as her brain. Park then used the AI-generated art, as well as upcycled and eco-friendly materials, to make the "Flowers on Venus" collection.

​"As a fashion designer, it was my duty to reinterpret Tilda’s imagination through the means of fashion and wanted the collection to embody the fusion of technology and humanity," Park told ​PAPER. "And with the combination of the future and the past; the tomorrows the yesterdays of humanity, this project came to life. "

The theme at the heart of Greedilous by Tilda's runway show was humanity and its future. The models all sported wigs that mimicked Tilda's hair, and the garments were all colorful and bold. But while there were a lot of strong and vibrant visual elements, Park made sure to accent the looks with delicate details that added a soft and elegant touch.

See all the looks from the collection, below.

Photos courtesy Happy Monday