Those Horned Givenchy Hats Just Arrived Early

Those Horned Givenchy Hats Just Arrived Early

It's not often that a lookbook (rather than a runway show) emerges as the talk of Fashion Week, but that's precisely what occurred when Matthew M. Williams debuted his much-hyped first collection for Givenchy in October. Fashion and non-fashion people ate it up, with emotions varying from perplexed to intrigued by the peculiar styling and odd accessories (three-toed sandals! devil horned caps!).

The discourse spilled over into the following weeks as Williams' cohort of friends like Barbie Ferreira, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West (plus tossed hair extension), Travis Scott and Kaia Geber posted IG photos of them dressed in head-to-toe looks from that same Givenchy line. Who needs a fashion show when a whole lot of famous people wear your clothes at once on the grid?

This being a Spring/Summer collection, most of us would have had to wait until early next year to get our hands on these pieces. But it seems Givenchy is in no mood to wait that long either, with the brand making a selection of Williams' debut range available earlier than usual. Starting today, you can score several items from buzzy line including the aforementioned horned hats ($995) and other accessories like the G Link bracelets and necklaces with padlock.

The metal hardware and lock motifs Williams is known for also extends to boots, iPhone cases and as details on sweaters and hoodies. His new take on the classic Antigona bag is on offer as well, with treated denim and leather pieced rounding out the collection.

The teaser capsule collection is available now and seven stores globally from December 1st to 22nd, and a bigger drop from the full collection will bow worldwide on February 26th , 2021. See the galleries, below, for a selection of pieces available now.

Givenchy Spring 2021 Capsule Teaser: Men's

Givenchy Spring 2021 Capsule Teaser: Women's

Photos courtesy of Givenchy/ Hugo Comte