Girl Ultra's Guide to Mexico City

Girl Ultra's Guide to Mexico City

At the end of 2021, House of Vans opened its newest location in Mexico City, adding to existing outposts in London and Chicago. A testament to the vibrancy of its thriving creative community, the hub (located at Ruben 6, Col. San Juan) aims to be a center for live music, art, food, theater and action sports.

The official launch happened over three days in December, with everything from skateboarding workshops to movie screenings, rooftop BBQs and mural paintings. There were also live performances from names like Japanese Breakfast and Girl Ultra, who most recently dropped her indie-sleaze anthem, “Punk,” alongside Mexico City’s own Little Jesus.

"I’ve always been a fan of Mexico City's chaos and stillness — of all its paradoxes and its riddles, and all the micro universes within every street,” she tells PAPER. “I grew up in the South in a not-so-touristy area that made me fall in love with the most forgotten — but special — places all around at the same time.”

Ahead of Girl Ultra’s forthcoming EP, due out this spring on Finesse Records, we asked the musician to put together a guide to her favorite spots in the city. "These are some hidden jewels that I tend to visit to remind me why I love being a South Side girl," she says.

La Librería Tres Cruces

Photo courtesy of Girl Ultra

I’ve been visiting this wholesome library since I was in high school; a very close friend of mine showed it to me. If you spend some time browsing the shelves, you’re definitely gonna find something to treasure.

La Ruta de la Seda

Photo courtesy of Girl Ultra

This coffee shop is right across a small park; it’s a quiet place to enjoy very good Mexican coffee and the best cheese quiche I’ve ever tried.

Casa de Cultura Jesús Reyes Heroles

Photo courtesy of Girl Ultra

One of the most forgotten places in the heart of Coyoacán neighborhood; it used to be a cultural center with all kind of arts and disciplines, and I used to practice ballet there. Now it looks like an enchanted — and a bit creepy — garden with some labyrinths to get lost into. It’s also a historical building from the Spanish colony, so it's worthwhile to admire the remains of it. It’s free and open to all public.

El Real Under

Photo courtesy of Girl Ultra

My favorite club on earth; it’s very immerse in the Southside — a dark wave, new wave goth club with cheap beer and good tunes.

Photography: Diego Andlovin and Lucca Necoechea (from the Mexican band GRLS)