Breaking Beauty: Gareth Pugh's Band-Aid Glam

Breaking Beauty: Gareth Pugh's Band-Aid Glam

by Avery Matera

With a fashion month full of head-turning beauty looks, perhaps none has been quite as eye-catching as Jazzelle's, seen on the runway at Gareth Pugh this weekend during London Fashion Week.

The collection was meant to represent "outsider society... London as a cradle of creative extremism," in homage to his friend and mentor stylist Judy Blame who died a little more than six months ago. Featuring looks that included printed bodysuits with total face coverings, models with pacifiers that looked as though a giant button had been sewn at their lip closure, and hair completely covered in fishnets, Jazzelle's bandaged beauty look was the biggest highlight.

As Jazzelle walked out in a bright red mini dress and chunky platform moto boots, the entirety of the half of her shaved head was covered in a mosaic of Band-Aids. In varying beige tones — large rectangles and tiny dots alike — it was all the work of makeup artist Val Garland, and something you can easily accomplish with a trip to the local drugstore.

Photo via Imaxtree