Gabbie Hanna Criticized for 'Advice' About 'Overcoming' Depression

Gabbie Hanna Criticized for 'Advice' About 'Overcoming' Depression

Gabbie Hanna is facing backlash for her recent comments about mental health.

Earlier this month, the controversial social media star hopped on TikTok to give her 7.3 million followers a "life changing tip" to help them "overcome" depression and "get you excited to wake up every day."

"Listen up, this advice is about to change your life," Hanna said, before telling viewers that the solution was picking up a hobby.

"Bitch, you gotta get a hobby! Bitch, better have a hobby!," she said. "Just one at a time." Hanna then went on to talk about how people will scroll through TikTok and stumble across something that makes them say, "'I wanna do that.'" And in her case, it was apparently a man making a rug.

"You're sitting there depressed. You've never gotten on a jet ski, and you want to? You got nothing to live for," she said. "You've never jumped on a plane. You're sitting there like, 'I don't wanna live,' and you've never parasailed and you want to parasail? Go parasail."

She concluded, "Get you a hobby! You'll never be sad again!"

However, Hanna's "advice" wasn't exactly met with open arms, with many criticizing her for being "out of touch." As pointed out by Insider, many followers took issue with her talking about expensive hobbies, especially when "i’ve 'got to pay my bills' and have to work 16 hours a day," per one person.

"U know that doesn’t work on top of money its about it time," another added. "if i work 12 hrs the last thing i wanna do is do a hobby. You have the abilty [sic] and access."

Granted, Hanna wasn't swayed by the arguments about money, time and privilege, seeing as how she responded to various comments by writing things like "u got time for TikTok" and "you got time to watch and comment on TikToks but you can't learn an instrument or how to knit? That's a you choice my friend."

That said, the YouTuber had less to say those talking about their experiences with clinical depression, as it often entails a loss of interest or pleasure, which is something the Mayo Clinic also said you "can't simply 'snap out' of."

"When I was clinically depressed nothing gave me joy. I couldn't feel joy anymore. My brain didn't let me enjoy my hobbies. Cheap or not. Nothing," as a third person wrote, before a fourth added, "But I don’t have the motivation to pick anything up."

Even so, Hanna did end up responding to one comment from a person who said "a hobby is not gonna make me suddenly excited to be alive bruh" by saying, "Suddenly? No. With persistence and practice? Yes."

Watch her TikTok below.

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