Future Danced For The "Mask Off" Challenge and It Was Magical

Future Danced For The "Mask Off" Challenge and It Was Magical

While Future is an inarguably a very strong artist, I'm sure it surprised us all when flute-heavy "Mask Off" arose above all other contenders from his discography to become the rapper's most successful song of all time. Nevertheless, it did and history has taught us when a tune becomes that prevalent, it permeates social consciousness to the point that it always, always becomes a viral dance/skit situation.

We saw it with Soulja Boy, we saw it with the Nae Nae, we saw it with the mannequin challenge and now there's #maskoffchallenge, in which the participant sweeps the floor while bending their legs left and right.

Like so:

But nothing, nothing can compare to when the artist of the song in question buys into the trend. This has indeed become the case with Future, in this very frustratingly-shot video.

Look at that form, look at those knees. Frankly, I'm impressed. What a time.

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