Fred Perry Drops Vacuum-Sealed Archival Raf Simons Around the World

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Fred Perry's collaboration with Raf Simons. To celebrate this milestone in their partnership — and the youth cultures that inspired it — Fred Perry has released 100 archival, vacuum-packed styles from their capsules with Raf Simons around the globe.

For six weeks, photographers Olya Oleinic and Kyle Weeks will travel to cities with "emerging subcultures" and distribute the sealed collaboration pieces without charge. Documenting their journey from start to finish, the pair kicked off their whirlwind trip in Athens, Greece and have since made stops in Belgrade, Dubai, and Seoul.

While upcoming locations are unclear, fans can follow Fred Perry's Instagram account for live updates on Weeks and Oleinic's route.

Photos via / Photography: Olya Oleinic & Kyle Weeks

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