What Would You Do for the Dick?

What Would You Do for the Dick?

Back in April, New Orleans rapper GameOva Reedy shared a freestyle with the world about the over-the-top things she would do in the name of great sex. While twerking on a man wearing an inflatable penis costume, she raps: "I'ma shock that dick / I'ma shoot that glock for that dick." While the world was perhaps not ready for it then, a lot has happened between April and today, and we're all a little worse for the wear, and a little more ready to declare what we'd do for the dick.

Thus, the #ForTheDick (and complementing #ForThePussy) challenge was born. People all over the internet have been sharing their creatively raunchy verses about what they'd do to get that good-good, not least among them Erykah Badu herself:

What would you do for the d? #issarae #reginahall
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Cardi B also came through with the best of the verses, offering up her cousin to the Illuminati for the dick (now that's dedication):

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