The Ultimate Fashion Influencer Accessory Is Here

The Ultimate Fashion Influencer Accessory Is Here

If fashion is its own language, then Instagram looks are an ever-evolving dialect with their own abbreviations, slogans and slang. One quick shortcut to communicating that you're in the know and up to date on any recent innovations, trends and permutations in this code is to take two symbols and put them together for maximum visual impact.

For instance: start with the near-ubiquitous fanny pack, a badge of coolness (and a feminist statement?) and combine it with an of-the-moment pattern—in this case, nostalgic monograms. Fendi, with its influence on hip-hop style and recent appearances on some of the world's most famous people is the perfect choice. Fuse the two together and you've got the ultimate influencer accessory, which the Italian fashion house has brought back due to popular demand for its fall 2018 collection:

You can buy the military-style bag swathed in Fendi's iconic "FF" logo here for $1,290 USD.

Image via Instagram