This Light-Activated Coat Stole the Show at Fendi

This Light-Activated Coat Stole the Show at Fendi

Toward the finale of Fendi's Fall 2020 men's show in Milan, a model stood still on the runway as hanging light fixtures shone bright up and down his coat, transforming it from a white base into a shade of yellow. The hi-tech display comes by way of Anrealage Creative Director Kunihiko Morinaga, who was asked by Silvia Venturini Fendi to take part in the show.

Morinaga, a finalist from last year's LVMH Prize, is known for infusing advanced technological techniques with his hand-crafted designs. (He's based in Tokyo but shows his women's collections in Paris.) For this Fendi participation, Morinaga's photochromic outerwear and accessories was part of this show's overall theme of shape-shifting, transformation and, of course, technology.

Speaking of yellow, the Roman house's signature shade was seen virtually everywhere: on Fendi shopping totes, box bags, baguettes, sneakers, scarves, parkas, and suits. See, below, for all the eye-catching pieces in the brand's famous yellow hue.

Photos via Imaxtree