Fecal Matter DJ'd a Demented Brooklyn Rave

Fecal Matter DJ'd a Demented Brooklyn Rave

You could never lose Fecal Matter in a crowd. To describe their look as "distinctive" would be an understatement on par with calling BTS stans only a "little obsessed." The Montreal-based pair's Instagram is peppered with photos of bug-eyed onlookers and bewildered gawkers doing double takes at their alien-like appearances. Adorned in '90s rave-inspired couture and enhanced with prosthesis that would feel at home in an H.R. Giger horror orgy, this exact unmistakable blend of the freakish with the fashionable has made Fecal Matter the perfect choice to DJ the latest installment of Play Now!

The brainchild of nightlife legend, Susanne Bartsch, and after-dark starlet, Linux, the sixth edition of their joint party took over East Williamsburg's 3 Dollar Bill for an extraterrestrial extravaganza. The old and new guard of New York's club kid scene converged in a bacchanal that made the Met Gala's take on Camp look like as sanitized as a Disney movie. Icons like Amanda Lepore rubbed elbows with throngs of adoring fans wrapped in PVC skirts and cat-eyes painted past their ears while Fecal Matter's raucous sonic mix of hardstyle, gabber, and terrorcore soundtracked the evening. Other notable guests included PAPER favorites McLayne Ycmat, Pauli Cakes, and Possessed.

Relive the night of demented debauchery, below.

Photography: Jean Toir