Ezra Miller, Austin Butler Didn't Get Into a Bar Fight

Ezra Miller, Austin Butler Didn't Get Into a Bar Fight

Contrary to online rumors, Ezra Miller and Austin Butler did not get into a bar fight.

According to a screenshot captured by TMZ, two Twitter gossipmongers alleged that the two got into a physical altercation at a Tokyo bar in a since-deleted interaction, with one supposed "eyewitness" claiming to have seen the entire thing go down.

"I don't have any proof of this (my phone died) but I saw Austin Butler and #EzraMiller fight at a pub here in Tokyo," they said, alleging that the Elvis star was in the bar with friends and girlfriend Kaia Gerber when Miller approached him to start a conversation. However, they went on to claim that "after a while Ezra started shouting," though they didn't know what the alleged argument was about as "the pub was very loud."

"Ezra then said something Austin was visibly unhappy about," the rumor-starter went on to assert, before alleging that Butler tried to punch Miller. The latter was then purportedly "held back" by two friends. They said Miller and their group were subsequently kicked out by security, adding that police weren't called to the scene.

That said, the outlet has since found out there wasn't a fight from sources close to Butler, who said the actor was in Tokyo to promote his new movie but never went to a bar during his time there. Additionally, TMZ confirmed with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department that there was no record of the altercation

Even so, the rumor has continued to gain online attention thanks to Miller's recent legal troubles, which stem from two alleged incidents that led to their arrest by Hawaiian police. They have also been accused of physically and emotionally abusing several people, with judges granting orders of protection to both the family of 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes, as well as an unnamed Massachusetts woman and her 12-year-old child. Miller has also since been accused of housing a Hawaiian mother and her three children in Vermont under unsafe conditions, though authorities have been unable to locate the Fantastic Beasts star.

Read TMZ's full report here.

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