Can These Eye Palettes Damage Your Eyes?

Can These Eye Palettes Damage Your Eyes?

You've likely seen influencers and Huda Kattan herself promoting Huda Beauty's newly launched Neon Obsessions Palette all over Instagram. Well, the product comes with a warning that says it isn't "intended for the eye area." Except in the promotional images and videos floating around online, everyone appears to be wearing the palette freely around their eyes.

Now, beauty collective and watchdog Estee Laundry is calling the brand out along with some other notable ones. In a recent post, the Instagram account posted a slideshow of images that showcase a series of products being promoted as eyeshadow palettes but have been deemed unsafe to use around eyes by the FDA.

These included some popular brands such as Kylie Cosmetics and Juvia's Place, among others.

"What do you all think of companies not disclosing that their neon/vivid palettes are "not safe for use" around the eyes?" the post asks.

The issue seems to particularly stem from the cosmetic guidelines set up in the United States, which are more restrictive than those in Europe and the UK.

While neon pigments are not FDA-approved for use in the eye area, many European nations don't have similar guidelines and are a lot more relaxed on this front. It's also why the Huda Beauty palettes being sold in the UK don't come with a warning like the US.

While brands definitely need to be more transparent about their products, customers didn't seem to be too fazed by the revelation.

"It doesn't bother me in the slightest — because as far as I'm aware, the regulations that states it's not safe for eye use doesn't apply in the UK and Europe. I think if it wasn't really safe, surely we'd have the same rules as the US? It's always something I've viewed as the FDA being very very over protective about, similar to the way they view SPF as a drug," one user noted on Estee Laundry's post.

Another added, "Literally any pressed pigment is not suggested for use around your eyes. It's a technicality and basically every company has palettes with them in it. This isn't even controversial and more than anything is just spreading fear for no reason."

Photo via Instagram