Where to Wear Your New Eckhaus Latta Ugg Boots

Where to Wear Your New Eckhaus Latta Ugg Boots

Eckhaus Latta have finally unveiled their fall 2019 UGG collaboration, after sending high fashion shearling shoes and coats down a Bushwick runway back in February. But this isn't some "ugg boots just became cool" article, okay? Ugg boots have always been cool, and I shouldn't have to tell you that. They are marvels of both design and comfort — the Crocs of wintertime. (Crocs are also cool.) Also, they're endorsed by Oprah.

Still, after years of anti-Ugg propaganda, you may be cautious about wearing fluffy shoes outside the apartment safe zone. That's understandable, but luckily Eckhaus's chic square toes make the transition from slipper to street a little easier. Here's where to debut your new sheepskin pieces come September.

Standing in line for a sandwich at Hana Natural

It's 3PM, somehow. Your head throbs to the beat of last night's regrettable warehouse rave. You should have added bacon. Is it too late to add bacon? When will they call your name? Should you stock up on Dr. Bronners? Why are there always so many cops in here?

Making glib comments at a gallery opening

This show is such bullshit, but that doesn't mean it won't feature in your Instagram Story.

Listening to Red Scare on the G train

You'll unsubscribe… tomorrow.

Spotting a niche celebrity at Dimes

Is that Dev Hynes' girlfriend? It is! But you pretend not to recognize her, obviously.

Hitting up one of those fancy dog parks

You know, the good dog parks, with limited mud. Like the one Emrata goes to. Will Emrata wear the Eckhaus Uggs in one of her dog park paparazzi photos? We can only hope.

The UGG + Eckhaus Latta collection hits stores September 3.

Images courtesy of UGG + Eckhaus Latta