Everyone's Getting Wet Thanks to Drew Barrymore

Everyone's Getting Wet Thanks to Drew Barrymore

by Justine Fisher

Oh, to be as happy as Drew Barrymore when it rains. A true Pisces, the actress made everyone's day a little brighter when she frolicked in the rain on TikTok and encouraged us all to do the same.

Barrymore’s viral video spread serotonin across the internet, inspiring everyone to go out and enjoy the pouring rain. Basking in the aftermath, Barrymore reposted Camila Cabello’s story, telling Barrymore, “I love you so much,” and shared videos of her fans’ escapades into the rain on her Instagram story.

From Tiktok to Instagram to Twitter, people marveled at Barrymore’s zest for life and looked for ways to derive the same happiness from the simple things.

Of course, the internet being, well, the internet, Barrymore’s blissful moment in the rain came with some backlash, as some claimed she was flaunting her life free of economic anxieties. But, in the end, most people recognized that enjoying the rain is free and could appreciate Barrymore’s resilience in overcoming a traumatic childhood, marred with drug and alcohol addiction as a young star.

This isn’t the first time the host of The Drew Barrymore Show has expressed her appreciation for rain, windows and just about everything. On Instagram, Barrymore shared a tearful moment in June when she discovered a window during her home renovation and another gleeful jaunt in the rain back in May.

Certainly, as Barrymore seems to love everything about this world, she could find a way to enjoy even New York’s worst infrastructure problems.

Barrymore’s happiness is infectious, and I think we all wish we could tap into that much pure joy in our hearts.

Photo via Getty/ Dimitrios Kambouris