Drake Responds to Sweden Weed Arrest Rumors

Drake Responds to Sweden Weed Arrest Rumors

Contrary to initial reports, Drake is not being held in Swedish jail.

On Thursday night (July 14), fans lit up Twitter with hashtags like "Free Drake" asking for the rapper's release after rumors of his arrest by local police at a night club in the capital city of Stockholm, which was said to be over the alleged possession of weed. Simultaneously, others also claimed that Drake's person security was arrested as part of the incident.

Inevitably though, the gossip soon turned into memes, with some using the opportunity to make up lyrics for fake future Drake songs about being "trapped in Sweden , past life repeating old hoes saying free me we just praying they let us out by the weekend."

"Drake in Sweden like 'I ain’t really locked up, y’all just locked out. I’m over here working while y’all just clocked out,'" as a second person wrote. "'Gotta girl who real dirty, but at my crib she the neatest bish. No dating app but I’m coming back with plenty of Swedish fish.'"

Meanwhile, others made speculative jokes about which one of Drake's famous friends would come to his rescue, including Kanye West and Travis Scott.

Not only that, but some even went so far as to ask Joe Biden to help, though others (accurately) pointed out that there was nothing the US President could do for Drake, who is a Canadian citizen.

However, members of Drake's team have since told The Hollywood Reporter that the arrest speculation is completely false and that the musician was actually in his hotel room. It's unclear what exactly brought him to Sweden, though he did share a series of posts of himself with his Boeing 767 — a.k.a. "Air Drake" — touching down at the country's Arlanda airport the day before the rumors began to circulate online.

Read the statement from Drake's team in full via The Hollywood Reporterhere.

Photo via Getty / Amy Sussman