Drake Did An Insta-Tribute to Sasha Obama...

Drake Did An Insta-Tribute to Sasha Obama...

Aubrey Drake Graham, aka Drake, aka Champagne Papi, who is one saccharine gesture of love away from buying reported beau J.Lo a Cheesecake Factory, took time away from his busy schedule to pay homage to President Obama's youngest daughter, Sasha Obama; Drizzy posted a paparazzi photo of Sasha in Miami over the weekend.

The high school sophomore, who famously missed her dad's farewell address last week because she had EXAMS (hell yeah), has already minted herself as a purveyor of style and preternatural coolness, and Drake wanted to shout that out.

Also, it didn't hurt that Sasha's hat is merchandise for Drake's Canadian OVO music label.

Header photo via Madison McGaw