Drake Bell Has Become a Walking Thirst Trap

Drake Bell Has Become a Walking Thirst Trap

If you're in the market for some stimulating content with a hint of childhood nostalgia, look no further than Drake Bell.

You might remember Bell as "Drake" on Drake & Josh, the hit Nickelodeon sitcom about two step brothers who "couldn't be more different." After an 11-year hiatus, time which Bell apparently spent working out, the child star has returned as a sexy rock star of some sort.

People has now published photos of Bell in no clothes at all to promote his new tour Stripped. To clarify, as far as we know Bell is not a stripper, he just acts like one.

Here are some other things we have learned about the new Drake Bell.

He knows how to treat a lady right, and re-appropriates Fifty Shades Freed slogans:

He wouldn't look amiss playing golf with your grandpa.

He know his angles.

He can appreciate a good turtleneck, which feels off-brand.

He loves his body.


Like us all, he never says no to a nice disintegrating shirt.

He knows how to rock. Especially in white denim.

He once hired, or stood next to, a private plane.

Music is his journal. It's a way to express himself and convey his emotions and thoughts to the world through melody and song.

He seems happy and horny, which is really all one can ask for. Watch Drake Bell get rubbed in his new soft porno, below.

Photo via YouTube