You Can Actually Buy the 'Guyliner' From Dorian Electra's Video

You Can Actually Buy the 'Guyliner' From Dorian Electra's Video

Throughout the new music video for Dorian Electra'sFlamboyant single, "Guyliner," the queer artist can be seen generously "lining" their eyes. "I'm a guy, don't be surprised if I take my time to glamorize," the gender-defying pop star announces in the beginning. "No reason why that I can't try to line my eyes, it feels so right."

While Electra no doubt is the star of the video, it's closely followed with another important character: the eyeliner, or as Electra calls it, the "Guyliner." Theycan be literally seen carefully formulating the product throughout the song, and if you've been hoping to get ahold of the product that gives them the impressive cat-eye, you can now actually buy it.

Electra has dropped a limited edition "Guyliner Collectible," which is available to buy for 24 hours along with a t-shirt and pit crew hat. Created in collaboration with Andy Candy Makeup, "a queer owned, queer-run company," 20% of all profits will support the LA LGBT Center.

Alright, shop here! And watch Guyliner below.

Photography: Charlotte Rutherford