Donate to This Travel Fund for Black Trans Women in New York

Donate to This Travel Fund for Black Trans Women in New York

Here's a simple, easy way to help Black trans women go about their lives safely: donate to the Black Trans Travel Fund, an initiative that puts money towards rideshare services for one of our most vulnerable social groups. Headed by actor and organizer Devin Michael Lowe, the mutual aid initiative is currently distributing funds for Black trans women in New York and New Jersey, with more states to come.

The project distributes 80% of funds directly towards Black trans women in need, allowing them to pay for private car services of their choice, or whatever alternatives suit them best. The remaining 20% of donations fund labor and admin costs to keep the vital program running.

There's an epidemic of deadly violence against trans women of color in America and around the world, and with governments and police forces doing little to alleviate the crisis, mutual aid is a great way for non-trans citizens to exercise their privilege and help keep trans people safe. The Fund aims to save trans women not only from threat of violence but also the constant threat of verbal harassment while they travel. Per Lowe, "My overall vision is for it to be a hub where allies can find ways to leverage their resources in a way that provides tangible support to Black trans women, as well as a resource where Black trans women can find a means of support."

The Black Trans Travel Fund provides funding for up to 150 Black trans women per month, with an average of 75 being approved to receive transport money every two weeks. An unaffiliated GoFundMe is trying to hit a $108K goal that will be donated to the Travel Fund, but you can also donate directly via Cashapp ($BlackTransTravelFund ), Venmo (@BlackTransTravelFund) and Paypal (

And, most importantly, if you're a Black trans woman yourself and are in need of money for safe travel, apply for funding at Applications open on the 1st and 15th of each month. The Fund also sponsors books highlighted by Noname's bookclub. Apply to receive a free book here!

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