Trump Coins New Word 'Covfefe,' World Briefly Stops Turning

Trump Coins New Word 'Covfefe,' World Briefly Stops Turning

In the wee hours of the morning today, President Trump was tweeting out his thoughts, as one does, when something appeared to go wrong (as it does).

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe," the now-deleted from @realDonaldTrump tweet said.

You might be expecting a second tweet, a correction, a defense of the typo followed by an explanation. You would be wrong.

What followed was...silence. Nothing. The void had swallowed us all.

Hours passed without a tweet nor a peep from the White House. Which left us all to speculate...what does 'covfefe' mean? Not, what does it mean, but what. does. it. mean?

The dictionary was literally no help, turning its back on us:

Finally, Trump deleted the tweet in question before trolling us all with this one:


These are the stories we will tell our grandchildren.

Image via Matteo Prandoni/