Another Runway Stunt Goes Viral at Fashion Week — This Time in Copenhagen

Another Runway Stunt Goes Viral at Fashion Week — This Time in Copenhagen

by Lexi Carson

The (di)vision fashion show ended with a bang — literally.

On the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, the brand went viral after the show’s final model got up from her table where guests were seated and dragged the entire tablecloth (which was connected to her skirt) with her, causing plates and glasses to hit the floor.

The video shows Dahl, the partner of (di)vision co-founder Simon Wick, wearing a pink corset and mini skirt appearing to start a toast before engaging in the evening’s plot twist. Tables were filled with plates, oysters, cigarette butts and white card invitations with wine glass stains.

The theme for the brand’s Fall 2023 collection was “Dressed for Disaster,” which they described in a press release as “the train wreck 1999 festival meets the Met Gala.”

There were a range of different characters from preppy school kids to grungy alternative rebels. The looks included materials made of deadstock fabrics, recycled cotton and vintage pieces. Exposed briefs made an appearance along with leg warmers, trucker hats and heart-branded tracksuits. And to add to the Y2K influence, there was a live jazz band playing pop punk songs by Green Day, Linkin Park and more.

The quirky send-off was the latest fashion stunt to hit social media, with many users drawing comparisons to Bella Hadid’s recent Coperni spray-dress moment and the models falling down at Beate Karlsson.

It certainly seemed to go off without a hitch. (Di)vision reposted the video with a cheeky caption of their own: “What are you bringing to the table? I am the table.”

Photo courtesy of (di)vision