Dior's Shanghai Show Had the Most Electrifying Disco Soundtrack

Dior's Shanghai Show Had the Most Electrifying Disco Soundtrack

This morning, Dior presented its first runway show in front of a live audience since the pandemic took effect. The show was staged in Shanghai (one of the few places that have managed to curb the coronavirus early on) complete with a leopard print carpet, glitter-covered walls and giant disco balls hung from all over the ceiling.

The disco-inflected soundtrack did not disappoint either, with remixes to Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" and "Bad Girls" and other upbeat electronic sounds providing a sweet backdrop to the sparkly, Pop-inspired collection of party dresses, mirror-disc sequins and transparent, technicolor pieces.

First unveiled in December through a series of polaroids shot by artist-photographer Maripol, the pre-fall collection featured plenty of art-pop cross references from Blackpink to Andy Warhol to '70s Fiorucci. "We decided that when this is all over, we're each going to choose a different color dress and have a big party," Chiuri told Vogue. "That's the dream: to dance together.""

The Shanghai event marks the first time Dior has ever presented a women's pre-fall collection via a live runway show format (their men's division has done this for a few years now under Kim Jones). Giorgio Moroder, the Italian composer who's been dubbed the "Father of Disco" for pioneering euro disco and electronic dance music, was the man behind this season's dance-ready soundtrack. You can download the show's playlist now on Spotify, which includes tunes from Daft Punk, Roisin Murphy and Grace Jones.

Photos courtesy of Dior