Lindsay Lohan's Mom Is Starting a Podcast

Lindsay Lohan's Mom Is Starting a Podcast

Been wanting more Lohan in your life since Lohan's Beach Club went off-air? Impatiently waiting for Lindsay's new single? (Stream "Xanax"!) Look no further. Lindsay Lohan's extremely chaotic mother Dina is starting a podcast. She tells Page Six that "Listen To Me, OG Mama D," will touch on pop culture, domestic violence, mental health," and "set the record straight about tabloid celebrity gossip."

Dina's been through a lot. The OG Disney stage mom — and alumni of Living Lohan and Celebrity Big Brother — has been married to an abuser and weathered her daughters' career ups and downs and run-ins with the law. For those looking for the latest on Lindsay, sounds like the topic will come up. Dina was also recently, um, catfished, which the world realized when she announced she was engaged to a man she'd been dating for five years, but never met (he promises he's real and is down to FaceTime). She promises Page Six she'll dish about the relationship. So needless to say, there's lots to cover.

"Listen To Me, OG Mama D" will be co-hosted with Bravo star Chanel Omari, also known as the "Princess of Long Island." However, it seems like she's having trouble locking down a network. She told Page Six that the podcast will be available on Spotify, iTunes and iHeartRadio, although a rep for iHeart told the outlet, "We are not aware of any projects in the works with Dina." Wishing Dina luck with her streaming pursuits. Hit up Luminary?

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