Your Can Now Dress Like Your Favorite 'Gossip Girl' Star

Your Can Now Dress Like Your Favorite 'Gossip Girl' Star

Finally, Part 2 of Gossip Girl's HBO Max reboot is coming this Friday after several long, painful weeks. To kick off the premiere, the program is teaming up with Depop on a series of shops inspired by wardrobes of four of the show's characters.

Eric Daman, the show's costume designer, met with four Depop sellers to curate the shops and brief them on the wardrobe inspirations of Julien Calloway, Max Wolfe, Aki Menzies and Monet De Haan. The shops can be found under the aforementioned pseudonyms and each reflect Julien's metallic and monochromatic styles, Max's retro modern pieces, Aki's selection of oversized everything and Monet's '90s wardrobe.

"Gossip Girl has one of the strongest style legacies of any TV show, influencing many with its abundance of creative and unique looks," says Steve Dool, Depop's Head of Brand Partnerships. "These character shops demonstrate the creativity inherent in sourcing vintage items, the unique pieces those endeavours can uncover, and the diverse breadth of styles available on Depop."

See, below, for a selection of pieces from each Gossip Girl shop, available now via Depop's Explore page in the app and on each character's store for a limited time.

Julien Calloway

Max Wolfe

Akeeno Menzies

Monet De Haan

Photos courtesy of Depop and via Getty