The dELiA*s Catalog Got a 2018 Makeover

The dELiA*s Catalog Got a 2018 Makeover

Before online shopping, there was the dELiA*s catalog. You know, the one where evErYthINg wAs WrITTeN LiKe tHIs? Its premise was simple: you'd browse the pages and pick out what you wanted, mail back your order, and eventually a pair of corduroy jeans and some cute spaghetti-strapped tops would arrive. Even if you don't remember dELiA*s from back in the day, you're probably aware of it via 90s nostalgia tumblrs like this one.

Said 90s nostalgia has led to a new collaboration between dELiA*s and California-based retailer Dolls Kill, and the attention to detail is impressive. An online store painstakingly recreates the mail-order aesthetic, complete with asterisk-laden copy and pig-tailed tween models whispering in each other's ears.

Striped midriff tops, jeans covered in appliqued flowers, and sky-high platform boots abound. You can even buy butterfly clips and cord necklaces. The new looks are admittedly a little more exaggeratedly retro than their predecessors: back-to-school basics are replaced with pink vinyl mini-skirts, and some of those bright floral designs are more "Groove is in the Heart" than 10 Things I Hate About You.

The collection is priced with a teen girl's allowance in mind: pieces range from $18-$88. View more looks below.


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Photography by Andy Martinez / Story by Ivan Guzman