David Spade Is a Zendaya Fan

David Spade Is a Zendaya Fan

by Hedy Phillips

You can always count on something memorable happening at an MTV award show. At the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards, David Spade and Sarah Shahi presented the award for Best Kiss to "Poopies" (Sean McInerny) and the snake from Jackass Forever, but that’s not the memorable part (Despite half of the winning pair being a snake.)

The Jackass Forever duo was up against Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike for Euphoria, Lily Collins and Lucien Laviscount for Emily in Paris, Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz for The Batman, and Tom Holland and Zendaya for Spider-Man: No Way Home. There are a lot of really beautiful people in this category, including IRL couple Holland and Zendaya.​

So it’s not too surprising that when Spade and Shahi announced McInerny and the snake as the winners, Spade was a bit... surprised. Fortunately for all of us, his mic was still on after making the announcement, and as the cameras panned to McInerny as he started to make his way to the stage, Spade can be heard asking, “They beat Zendaya?” We were shocked, too.

Fans are pretty convinced that Spade knew his mic was still on and literally did not care who heard him. While we have to commend Poopies for being willing to kiss a snake, we just assume that comes with the territory in Jackass land. Zendaya kissing her actual boyfriend in Spider-Man, though, now that’s a kiss that deserves some awards. Then again, neither Holland nor Zendaya was in attendance, so that kiss acceptance would have had to be virtual, which just doesn’t have the same impact.

Elsewhere in the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Zendaya did win the popcorn trophy for best performance in a show for Euphoria and Holland won for best performance in a movie for Spider-Man. So, not all was lost for them last night. Spade’s hot take on the outcome, though, might have been the true winner overall.

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