David Copperfield Lets Us Inside His Museum of Magic

David Copperfield Lets Us Inside His Museum of Magic

Jacket by Ports 1961

There are few magicians alive today that are as well known or as dedicated to their craft as David Copperfield. With a 40- year career, 21 Emmy Award wins and 11 Guinness World Records, it's no surprise that Copperfield has become a fixture in the Las Vegas performance pantheon, grossing over a billion dollars in ticket sales. That success lies in his ability to make the impossible happen, whether that's surviving a fall over Niagara Falls, floating over the Grand Canyon or making the Statue of Liberty disappear.

While making it look easy is all a part of the act, Copperfield claims performing illusions has been "a natural thing for me." He continues, "I always wanted to take what I did naturally, and do what I love, which was tell stories, move and inspire people. It's not about levitations. It's about time travel; it's about spaceships; it's about aliens and dinosaurs -- nothing you can find in this historical place."

Jacket by Gucci, shirt by Ports 1961

As much as Copperfield is a masterful technical magician, he is also a performer, and there's no denying that it's this showmanship, in part, that's made him a household name. "You would think my idols were [magicians like] Harry Houdini, Harry Kellar and Howard Thurston, but my idols were Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Orson Welles, Ian Fleming and [director] Frank Capra, who I got to work with." But that isn't to say he doesn't recognize the magic greats that came before him. In fact, he's dedicated an entire museum to them: The International Museum and Library of Conjuring Arts (in Las Vegas, of course).

"The people whose shoulders I stand upon, the Houdinis, the Kellars and the Thurstons, of course I want to honor them, so I created this museum, which we are expanding now," Copperfield says. "We tell stories that are very beautiful about hope and inspiration. People walk out very changed."

Jacket by Ports 1961, t-shirt by Levi's and pants by Tom Ford

Photography by Vijat Mohindra

Styling by Juliann McCandless

Grooming by Susy Zaldana

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