Introducing Our Special-Edition Las Vegas Issue

Introducing Our Special-Edition Las Vegas Issue

Starring the Backstreet Boys, J. Lo, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin and more!

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Backstreet Boys

J. Lo

Mariah Carey

Ricky Martin

A fact that many people don't know about me is that I LOVE Las Vegas. I go several times a year and have come to feel like an unofficial spokesperson for the Entertainment Capital of the World, so let me break it down for you why I'm so crazy about it: Where else can you see not one but several A-list performances, magic from around the globe, the highest of high-end hotels and dining experiences, the most luxurious shopping, fountains that dance, nightlife that never stops and commemorative tokens of those experiences in any format (mug, T-shirt, iPhone case)? The list goes on and on and on.

I first fell totally in love with the place in 2003 when we shipped our whole staff to bring New York to Las Vegas. Well, this time, we didn't need to bring a's all already here. J.Lo, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin and the Backstreet Boys are pop-culture heavyweights who each have residencies on the Strip this year. They also happen to be our four cover stars. Together they exemplify the fact that the hottest shows in the world -- the ones where you want to brag, "I was there!" -- are happening every day in Las Vegas.

Oh, but why stop there?

David Copperfield walks us through his museum of magic (perhaps the most complete history of magic, all in one building and all curated by Copperfield). Holly Madison and Steve Aoki give us tours of their over-the-top homes. We spend time with four of the biggest DJs in town (and on earth), and we shoot New York fashion at New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Paris fashion at Paris Las Vegas and Italian fashion at The Venetian Las Vegas.

We couldn't help ourselves and had to have a little New York flair in there, so we had Violet do Vegas: RuPaul's Drag Race winner Violet Chachki transforms herself into a Vegas showgirl. There is very little waist in this issue. (HA!)

We have to give a huge, huge thank you to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and all of the property partners for making this issue happen.

Vegas will forever be one of my favorite cities. It's the ultimate showbiz town: If you know what to do and where to go (and after reading this issue, you'll have no excuse not to), you can see and participate in the most mind-blowing experiences of your life all day, every day. With one flight and very little sleep, you can get your fix of pop culture, fashion, nightlife, luxury and entertainment. If you don't believe me, pore through this issue, visit us online ( for all the videos and amazing content that was just too much to fit into one issue, and make sure to send us a postcard. You are about to have the time of your life. Viva Las Vegas!