Danny Brown Accuses Die Antwoord's Ninja of Sexual Assualt

Danny Brown Accuses Die Antwoord's Ninja of Sexual Assualt

Rapper Danny Brown has accused Ninja of the South African act Die Antwoord of sexually assaulting him in a Parisian nightclub.

Appearing on the latest episode of 2 Bears 1 Podcast, Brown recounted the run-in he had with Ninja at an afterparty for one of his Paris shows and proceeded to sit on his lap and attempt to kiss him. “It freaked me out,” Brown said, going on to imply that Ninja had suggested that they should have a threesome with the other member of Die Antwoord, Yolandi.

“I was a single, experimenting man at the time," Brown admits, "but he was too aggressive! He sat on my lap and started trying to kiss me and shit and doing weird shit. I’m like, ‘Man, you tripping!’ Then everybody looking at me like, ‘Somebody fuck!'”

What's perhaps even more concerning is that despite denying his advances, Brown says that Ninja was persistent in trying to figure out what hotel the rapper was staying at and telling him "Don't worry, I'll find you" when he refused to say where. “That’s what started making me pound drinks," Brown said, explaining that "I might have to stab" him were he to come knocking on his hotel room door later that night.

This is not the first time Ninja has been accused of sexual assault. Australian musician Zheani Sparkes wrote a diss track called "The Question" in 2019 where she alleges that Ninja assaulted her in 2013. Also in 2019, American singer Dionna Dal Monte accused Ninja of assaulting her in Italy in 2014. Die Antwoord as a whole was dropped from some festivals after footage of the pair hurling homophobic slurs and harassing Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler made the rounds.

“I was scared," Brown explained. "They’ve been getting canceled a lot lately, been doing a lot of weird shit. But he always throw Yolandi on you. I think that’s how he’s been fucking n***as. Fuck them, though! Fuck them. I could’ve canceled cuz #metoo. I was sexually assaulted by Ninja. He know I ain’t lying!”

Photo via Getty/ Ollie Millington/ Redferns