Crayola Is Here To Help Us Beat Our Faces

Crayola Is Here To Help Us Beat Our Faces

Crayola Beauty comes in 95 shades for your coloring-outside-the-lines pleasure.

If you're anything like me, you used to draw on yourself in crayon in lieu of stealing a mother figure's blush. I can't be alone here.

So it's amazing that now Crayola, the source of how so many kids explore their imaginations, is releasing a makeup line. Sold exclusively on, this week, Crayola Beauty is unveiling 58 vegan products with 95 shades! So if you didn't draw on yourself, but enjoyed crafting stick figures with awkward facial expressions and strawlike hair in Macaroni-And-Cheese crayon, there's still a place for you in the Crayola Beauty canon.

The packaging is notably nostalgic, coming in the brand's famed yellow and green crayon boxes in trio packs, and the colors are named after actual crayons: Tumbleweed, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and Outer Space, to name a few. (Also: scheming up crayon color names is a dream side-hustle, probably alongside bullshitting Chinese fortune cookie mementos.)

Furthermore, the campaign announcing the new line is genderfluid; men and women appear in the ads in some rather fierce makeup looques. Now you don't have to worry about stabbing your eyes out with colored pencils as eyeliner, and also, a great makeup look never discriminates.