Conan Gray Goes K-Pop

Conan Gray Goes K-Pop

by Justine Fisher

The king of sad boy pop might be entering his K-pop era. Conan Gray is set to appear on a Korean music show and radio program, leading up to his first performance in the country.

Following Gray’s June 24 release of Superache, his fanbase was reignited on Twitter after an announcement on today’s episode of The Show that the American singer and songwriter is set to appear on the k-pop music series next week. At the same time, famed DJ Wendy is featuring Gray on the Seoul Broadcasting System’s radio program Youngstreet. Then, his debut in Korea will culminate with performances on August 6 and 7 in Seoul.

After The Show aired with the indie pop star on next week’s roster, the twitterverse exploded alongside seeing him on DJ Wendy’s Monday slot. Needless to say, boy band ATEEZ — this week's voted-upon top performance on The Show — was slightly overshadowed on the internet by Gray’s novel appearances. Fans were living for the unexpected crossovers.

Though ATEEZ might have some competition with Gray next week, Twitter users pointed out that Gray could have trouble keeping up with the group’s Tiktok “Guerilla” challenge. For the lead single off of their recent album, ATEEZ’s viral dance seems difficult for any artist, and fans are challenging Gray to try it out.

Though there was natural skepticism over an American being featured on the programs, there weren’t many complaints in the end that Gray is making his debut in Korea. In fact, some are now crossing their fingers for a tour in Asia.

Photography: Juan Veloz for PAPER