Musicians all over social media are throwing their years of classical training and love of trap music behind absolutely gorgeous covers of Future's "Mask Off" under the hashtag #MaskOffChallenge. Why? Because the world is occasionally OK and just go with it.

Here is the original Future track, off his self-titled new album, which features a flute sample from Tommy Butler's 1976 "Prison Song."

KnowYourMeme, the authority on these matters, cites the genesis of #MaskoffChallenge with this slinky trumpet cover from March by a gentleman named Leroy Lubin that amassed over 7000 likes and 4000 retweets. Here is Leroy Lubin, lighting the match on the #MaskOffChallenge...

And here is the excellence that followed:

All I need in this world of sin are violin covers of Future tracks.

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