Cindy Sherman's Newly Public Instagram Is Wild
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Cindy Sherman's Newly Public Instagram Is Wild

Artist Cindy Sherman had been putting herself in front of the camera long before modern culture became all about using the front facing camera and pouting your lips. Known for being able to morph into countless characters and constantly reinvent herself, Sherman and her work challenge us to think about the nature of self-portraiture and what self-representation really means.

Now, the typically private artist has quietly made her Instagram public, opening up a small portal into her world for fans, critics and newbies alike. Like any good Instagram, her account presents a mix of everyday activities, personal moments (there are a number of images of her recovering in a hospital bed), interesting and inspirational imagery, cozy family shots and of course, an abundance of selfies. Sherman's unique eye and playful techniques turn it all into something much more, though.

[h/t ArtNet]

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