Chromat Makes Post-Gym Hair Look Good

Chromat Makes Post-Gym Hair Look Good

This season, Chromat isn't playing any games. But the designer duo behind fashion's favorite body positive label does cite the upcoming Summer Olympic Games as primary inspiration behind their Fall 2020 collection.

And it definitely shows. Everything from the location — staged at the Rise by We gym in the Financial District — to, of course, the performance-ready silhouettes screamed "sports." The diverse cast of models went so far as to use the gym equipment, actually squeezing a full workout session in.

The beauty looks followed suit, redefining the concept of post-gym hair. From ponytails in various textures and hefty rope braids with a branded ribbon to thick, colorful locs — the looks may seem hard to replicate but hairstylist Justine Marjan, made sure to keep them fuss-free.

Chromat AW 2020

"We wanted to create something sporty and realistic with the hair, since the models are doing a live workout," Marjan told Vogue backstage. "Some girls are rocking their locs, others are rocking their natural curls, and we're doing a lot of baby hair designs as well."

Over in the makeup department, MAC makeup artist Fatima Thomas was churning up her own rendition of athletic looks. The artist paid homage to vibrant athletic sneakers immortalized by streetwear-obsessed teenagers and the hypebeast Soho/ Bushwick-adjacent crowd alike by crafting identical designs on the lids with graphic liner.

To keep the spotlight on the ultra-stylized lids, the rest of the face was kept fairly simple. But the color story continued on the nails courtesy of Lady Fancy Nails who collaborated with CND nail polish.

"We're doing a lot of layering of the colors with ombré and line work," co-founder Eda Levenson told Vogue. "With nails in general, I'm constantly trying to honor the originators of nail art. The history of it trails back decades when, a lot of the time, people think that nail art is a new thing. Women of color are really at the center of its history and any way that we can honor that, we'll always try to do our part to keep the legacy and its history alive"

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