Christopher Meloni Could Open a Bakery With All That Cake

Christopher Meloni Could Open a Bakery With All That Cake

There are three things that we know to be true about this world: death is inevitable, the Bachelor will be airing new seasons until the sun one day swallows the Earth and Christopher Meloni has an ass that won't quit.

The Law & Order: SVU actor's rear end has long been a point of admiration for fans and causal viewers, prized for its almost improbably perfectly pert form. Its already achieved meme status several times over, so much so that it seems to become a perennial point of discussion every time a photo showcasing it from a new angle crops up and this week is no different.

Recently having celebrated his 60th birthday, Meloni took the time to poke fun at all the butt memes that have been spurred on by a new photo that was taken while the actor was on set in Park Slope. Responding to a Twitter user that demanded an explanation about the surprising amount of junk in his trunk, Meloni replied "Sure- big birthday(60), big boy(200 lbs), big cake."

True to form, Meloni's tightly-wrapped buns started making the rounds on Twitter as result leading the actor to cheekily (see what I did there?) try to take the heat off and claim that it was "the other Melonis" that were in fact trending.

Regardless of the reason, it's nice that we can all at least take a moment to fully appreciate Chris Meloni's incredible wagon in all of its immaculate sculpted glory as it graces our timelines yet again. Praise be.

Photo via Getty/ Rich Polk