Six Movie Posters That Could've Been Made by the Grinch

Six Movie Posters That Could've Been Made by the Grinch

Creative direction by Betsy Johnson / Photography by Luke Nugent

It's true. There really is no place like home for the holidays. With pangs of painful nostalgia, heated political disagreements and unrelenting judgement from your family, emotions run at an all-time high.

To illustrate just how dramatic this time of year can be, artist Betsy Johnson and close collaborator Luke Nugent reimagine the all-too-familiar holiday traumas and triggers as classic Christmas films. In Johnson's series "A Nightmarish Christmas" Scrooge is a Tory, Bridget Jones laments loneliness and Freddy Krueger suffers from insomnia, hung up on holidays' past.

Below, check out six satirical "posters" that will make you feel seen this holiday season.

On Gigi: Lilith by Sita and Alan Crocetti

Concept and creative direction: Betsy Johnson
Photography: Luke Nugent
Hair and SFX: Nadja Scalzi
Makeup and SFX: Callista Lorian Thomas
Fashion, casting and graphic design: Betsy Johnson

Creative assistant: Billie Oneill Queenan
Photography assistant: Daniel Swift
Makeup, hair and SFX assistant: Erika Freedman
Fashion assistant:
Jadzia Scott
Cast: Akuac Thiep as Freddie Kruger; Deba as the twins; Sophia Hadjipanteli as Jack Frost; Betsy Johnson as Jack Skellington; Mimi McVeigh as Scrooge; Gigi Hari as Bridget Jones