'Drag Terrorist' Christeene Takes Over Brooklyn

'Drag Terrorist' Christeene Takes Over Brooklyn

Story by Matt Moen / Photography by Mark Hunter, The Cobra Snake

If Iggy Pop ever wanted to get in to drag, it would probably look something like Christeene.

From deep throating microphones to ripping off sheer leotards and writhing on the floor, Christeene has been terrorizing the world for over a decade now with her loud and filthy, hypersexual brand of performance art. Taking a page out of John Waters' school of drag and embracing a messier, more taboo side of the queer experience, Christeene's grimy look and punk attitude has set herself apart from the rest.

So if you ever get the chance to experience the raucous intensity of her live shows, it's not to be missed. For her latest, Christeene and "Her Fukkin Band," along with supporting act Keioui, brought their show to Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar for a night of sweaty chaos, debauchery and balls. And you know it must have been a good party if Michèle Lamy was there.

But don't just take our word for it — relive the wild night, below.