CHRISHABANA Dresses the Future With 'Ooze'

CHRISHABANA Dresses the Future With 'Ooze'

At CHRISHABANA’s Spring 2023 presentation, Ooze, the New York designer excitedly calls out his pregnant look, highlighting how the fetus inside the transparent stomach has both male and female genitalia. "That baby is our future," he says, lovingly explaining a dress that gives viewers a glimpse inside the model’s fake uterus. White resin drips down the fabric with crystal embellishments that match a headpiece framing the face like icicles. This treatment, now a CHRISHABANA signature, is apparent on each design to reflect the collection’s title.

Capturing the spirit of right now, while always reimagining what’s next, Habana delivered on provocative, alien-esque fashion that isn’t restricted to one identity. All his models were bald and moved slowly in the Lower East Side installation, stroking horns on their outfits like creatures preparing weapons for a War of the Worlds. One red tube top had multiple spikes lined up horizontally, while a metal chest plate featured spikes forming a vicious “V” shape. Then, resin poured down barely there bodysuits, long overcoats and gloves with elongated fingers. iPhone accessories added a tech component to the entire experience.

With Habana’s network of designers, he’s able to actually recreate and sell these different pieces — not solely rely on "CHRISHABANA" merch, which has largely become the business strategy for so many peers. He’s particularly proud of this, eager to build a brand whose on-stage costumes — worn by the likes of Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Nas X — can also be translated to everyday life. And judging by the audience he drew for Ooze — with lime green hair, elf ears, septum piercings and face tattoos — that end goal is a real, beautiful possibility.

Photography: The Cobrasnake