Cher Reacts to Dua Lipa Being Called the 'Cher of Our Generation'

Cher Reacts to Dua Lipa Being Called the 'Cher of Our Generation'

There's will only ever be one Cher.

As we all know, the 76-year-old is a superstar of legendary proportions, with an incredible seven-decade career and a string of smash hits that have solidified her as an indisputable cultural icon. And given her immense influence upon the landscape of modern entertainment, it only makes sense that she's not about to let anyone else attach themselves to her standalone legacy — even if it's one of contemporary music's biggest stars.

Earlier this week, a Twitter user decided to upload a side-by-side photo comparison of Cher and Dua Lipa, both of whom look stunning with long black hair and glittery gowns. However, it was the caption that really caught the "Believe" singer's attention, as the original post tried to position Dua as "the Cher of our generation" and was subsequently retweeted by another user who tagged both artists and wrote, "So much truth in one Tweet." And Cher's response? An ask about "how many yrs are in a generation" and a thinking face emoji, of course.

Soon enough, the bold declaration spurred a fierce conversation about comparing older artists to newer acts, with many arguing that there's "no one else will ever be Cher" and that the "'they're the new (insert artist)'" discourse is "so offensive especially when the original artist is still alive.”

"She uniquely just Cher, you can't copy her," as one person wrote, before chiding the parents of the younger generation, who "haven't passed down to their kids the appreciation of all music," especially when it comes to the "Legends who paved the way for your new idols.."

And while Dua has yet to respond to Cher's post, the fan who made the statement ended up deleting their initial tweet and telling the latter to not look at the quote tweets.

"I was praising u and dua style," as they clarified. “Some people didn’t get the message.”

Photos via Getty / Dominik Bindl & Arnold Jerocki


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