Charlotte Lawrence Is Young and Reckless

Charlotte Lawrence Is Young and Reckless

Los Angeles-raised Charlotte Lawrence is a rising teen pop star with a dark edge apparent in the heavy, deeply personal lyrics woven into upbeat songs with catchy melodies. At just 17, the singer has already racked up millions of streams on songs like "Just the Same" and "Sleep Talking," a crying-in-the-club track about an ex revealing his cheating ways in his sleep.

"When I released 'Sleep Talking' I started gaining a fan base that loved me for my music," Lawrence told PAPER. "I started being recognized and talked about as a musician rather that just an Instagram personality or a model. That's all that I would want people to follow me for and be interested in my life for, because music is my passion."

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Citing Lorde, SZA, Patti Smith, and Bon Iver as inspirations, Lawrence captures the teenage experience by writing often about topics close to her heart that resonate with her fans — love and mental health. "I feel like my lyrics are very honest and reflect exactly what I'm feeling at the time," she said. "People resonate with that. Especially the 'Keep Me Up' song about mental health and anxiety. I genuinely have insane anxiety. I know that so many people go through that as well, so putting that out and having those lyrics be so descriptive and detailed made people be like, 'Wow, I feel this too.' They reach out and tell me that and it means the world to me."

Lawrence's new single "Young and Reckless" is a being "young and sweet," but also "having a wild side." Listen to the premiere of the track, below:

Jumpsuit by Alexandre Vauthier; Earrings by Alessandra Rich

Photographer: Jessie Andrews
Stylist: Siena Montesano
Hair: Florido Basallo
Makeup: Amber Dreadon
Location: 1201 B Studio