CFDA Prioritizes Sustainability at This Year's Awards

CFDA Prioritizes Sustainability at This Year's Awards

Last night was the CFDA Awards, one of fashion's biggest nights. Issa Rae was the MC at the event, which took place at The Brooklyn Museum, and countless influencers, designers, and editors including Kim Kardashian, British Vogue's Edward Enninful, and Naomi Campbell were honored. The event also marked a concerted effort by organizers to celebrate and prioritize sustainability in fashion.

The red carpet at the event (which was black and white) was made from recycled waste found in oceans and landfills. It was made by companies Aquafil and Ege Carpets from fishing nets and carpets. The red carpet will be recycled again now that the event is over, as the material it is made out of, ECONYL, can be reused infinitely. The event organizers also made an effort to reduce waste at the event by donating the unused and leftover food to City Harvest.

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This isn't the first year the CFDA, which runs an initiative with Lexus Fashion that is, "designed to inspire commitment to transformative leadership, sustainable innovation and positive change," has made an effort to be sustainable. Last year, all the produce on the menu was grown locally at Brooklyn Grange and other sustainable farms. The uneaten food was then composted. Items like napkins, tablecloths, and plates were all also reusable.

The fashion industry is notorious for quickly manufacturing and discarding garments, using excessive water and energy in clothing production, and sourcing materials from far away locations, so it is exciting to see the CFDA making such a deliberate effort to reduce waste and recycle products.

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